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Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Thurber. I am a girl from the south, a bit of a loudmouth, and a happy momma to two amazing kids. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, I'm new at this, so it may take a while to find my groove. I imagine there will be lots of posts of things I've made, other artists work, everything Etsy, my life, and my kids. I welcome your comments everyone!

I'm disgustingly happy, married to a wonderful man who was my high school sweetheart and tells me everything I make is *pretty*, even when its not, and never fails to kiss me before he goes out the door. One day he is going to realize that other wives cook and clean and then, boy am I in trouble!

I'm grateful everyday that I am able to live creatively and and so thrilled when it inspires others. If I am at all qualified to give advice (a questionable notion) then it would surely be to find your own voice and follow it to the ends of the earth. It will only lead you good places.


I make stuff and sometimes sell it on a super duper website called Etsy. I have two shops and devote most of my time to them. The rest I spend making lists and avoiding housework.